Hair Restoration

Being familiar with every hair  replacement system that new technology has developed, I have chosen this unique  100% human hair system because I know it is by far the best possible solution to  hair loss. There is no surgery or scarring associated with this alternative, and  the entire process takes under 3 hours. Cosmetic results are superb, it feels  great, it's easy to care for and it's virtually undetectable. At last, a natural  looking and feeling hair replacement system for men that works and is  affordable. 

For many men, the male pattern  baldness, (MPB) experience is stressful. Thinning hair can add years to your  appearance, make you feel unattractive and hinder your social life. Many try  almost anything to get their hair back. Surgical procedures such as hair plugs,  micro plugs and scalp reduction procedures are costly, painful, mostly  unproductive and often leave scars. As for creams, sprays and, oils the results  are discouraging at best. And trying to comb what hair you have left over your  bald spot only draws more attention to your baldness. 

So, if you have any questions  concerning your hair loss or if you would like to schedule an appointment, give  Dickie Bennett a call today for your free, private consultation at "D.J. BENNETT Hair Studio" in Georgetown: 512. 863.3338


Questions & Answers

Can I participate in rigorous sports or activities?

YES! You will be able to do all  the activities you could with your own hair. You can shower, swim and even  water-ski, just like it's your own. Many of today's movie stars and  professional athletes, including baseball, football, hockey and basketball are  users of this restoration system. The natural look of their hair has deceived  many viewers.   

How long does the initial process take?

Your FREE, no obligation  consultation, will include a scalp and hair analysis. All of your options will  be discussed and we will determine which procedure is best suited for your  lifestyle. Once you choose to take control of your hair loss, we will take a  mold of your scalp and balding area, a hair sample will be taken from your hair  for duplicating the color, density, wave pattern and texture for your new hair.  After this approximately 30-45 minute process, you will be free to go.  We'll call you back in roughly 4-6 weeks for your second visit that will  take about 3 hours and you will leave with your new head of hair.  

How often will I need to come back?

 Because your hair grows and the  added hair doesn't, you will come in approximately as often as you go in for a  haircut--usually about every four weeks.

Can I change my hairstyle?

Yes, because of how it's added,  you begin to feel like it really is your own hair. Your options are unlimited.  You can choose any style or cut you like because we will be working with a  complete head of hair. You can even blow-dry your hair.  

Do I have to use special expensive products?

No, you can use any commercial  shampoos and conditioners, but we do suggest that all clients use good  professional products on their hair. 

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